Come experience the thrill of flying in the Soviet Union’s “Pilot Maker”

Capital Warbirds


"Thank you so much for today! It was one of the most awesome experiences I've ever had and I've been to the Giza pyramids, sky dived over Switzerland n dived in the world famous Blue Hole. Adrenalin and heart pumping action, today was it. And I definitely will do it again.."

Eddie from Canberra.

“What a fantastic experience! Aerobatic option gave me loops, rolls, positive & negative G and simply a lot fun. Great views too. Best gift voucher yet!”... Dafydd from Gowrie.

"Better than driving the Ferrari 458 around a racetrack" (and the Yak is a bargain compared to a supercar!)...

Jason from Canberra.

The Yak 52 is an all-metal, fully aerobatic machine
with excellent performance and remarkable strength.

Enjoy the best scenery in the world around the Canberra Region sedately


Roll, Loop, and Turn for the most amazing ride there is